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Trekking in the Abyssinian Highlands

Abyssinian highlands are the most pristine and secluded natural wonders which boast spectacular views and numerous endemic flora and fauna species. Some of the highest, most rugged and inaccessible places in African continent are found here. It is a land of big skies and broad landscape. In the highlands the plateau reaches endlessly to a horizon that blends into blue sky speckled with white clouds; a sky that is an integral part of the landscape. It is this experience which clearly distinguishes Ethiopia from other african tourist destinations.

On this outstanding adventure, you will pass through gigantic cliffs, water falls, breathtaking vistas, largest expanse of afro-alpine habitat and the second largest tropical montane forest in Ethiopia endowed with abundant wildlife, encounter many endemic mammal and bird species such as Ethiopian Wolf, Mountain Nyala, Walia Ibex, the elusive Bale monkey and Gelada Baboons.

What makes Bega tour offers unique is that it's designed to include extra activities to assure you have the most intimate glimpse inside the local culture and the people.

Aside from the lush surroundings and refreshing cool air, the highlands offer a unique and quite getaway from hectic daily lives. The country kept surprising visitors for varied landscape and immense biodiversity that each trekking destination offers; all with their own natural beauty. These places are the country's best kept secret, least traveled and most scenic trails; ideal for both real explorers and nature lover travelers. All our programs are designed and proposed based on careful professional research to keep the natural setup, benefiting the local community and can be tailored to suit the traveler interest and trekking experience and ability.

Trekking in UNESCO World Heritage Site Semien Mountains National Park


Choose from twelwe trekking routes, from smooth trekking to extreme adventure mountain climbing. This can be arranged from three up to thirty days, thus trekking trips can be designed based on the available days of travel and interest.


Unique landscapes (1500 meter cliffs, plain land, mountains formed like a chase) endemic flora (Abyssinian Rose), endemic fauna (Ethiopian Wolf, Gelada Baboon, Walia Ibex, different species of birds) and socio cultural activities of the area. Moreover, coming to this site will also offer the visit to the 16th century Camelot of Africa, the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site Fasilides' Castle, painted church of Debre Birhan Selassie, bridges and much more in the surroundings of the city of Gondar.


Air & Surface or Surface only. Using the combination of air and surface will save time, while using only surface will give chance of visiting long stretched areas


October - May

One of our twelwe usually offered routes, using the combination of air and surface.

DAY 1 ARRIVAL DAY: Addis Ababa

You will be greeted at Bole International Airport and check-in to your hotel. After a brief rest we go on Addis Ababa city tour; a city enjoying excellent climate all year round. We will visit museums, markets and church paintings.

DAY 2 FLY: Addis Ababa - Gondar

We get up early and fly to the city of Gondar. The program today is nice and easy. We visit UNESCO site Gonderine castle, Fasilades' Pool and colorfully decorated holy Trinity Church.

DAY 3 DRIVE: Gondar - Semien Mountains

We drive towards UNESCO site Semien Mountains National Park. Your car will drop you off for a trek up to Sankaber, ideal base camp from where to trek on the escarpment, commanding genuinely stunning views over the landscape. (2-3 hrs).

DAY 4 TREK: Sankober - Geech

Trek along the spectacular mountain crests and via Gin Bar Valley to Geech. Along the way, the chance of observing troops of Gelada Baboons is quite high. (6-7 hrs).

DAY 5 TREK: Geech - Imetgogo - Saha - Geech

Trek along the escarpment through the afro alpine grass and giant lobelia, watching Walia Ibex, flocks of Gelada Babon and we may spot Ethiopian Wolf and Golden Jackal too (4-6 hrs). In the Afternoon trek to Kedadit - Gider Gote - Geech, we will be watching the sunset, for sure here you will ask for your mattress to spent your night right there on the spot! (1-2 hrs).

DAY 6 TREK: Geech - Chenek

From Geech we follow the edge of the escarpment via the high point at Inatye, Neber Mekemecha, we then trek 400 meter down to Chenek. On the way, we keep an eye open for the rare Walia Ibex, Ethiopian Wolf, Golden Jackal and Gelada baboon (8-9 hrs).

DAY 7 TREK: Chenek - Ambiqwa

We walk over Buahit (4000 meters), then trek 1500 meter down to Mesha Valley and again up to 3700 meter at Ambikwa, our basecamp from where we will reach Ras Dashen tomorrow (9-10 hrs).

DAY 8 TREK: Ambiqwa - Ras Dashen - Menta Ber

We make an excursion to visit the surroundings and we then walk up to the fourth highest mountain top of Africa and the highest mountain peak in Ethiopia, Ras Dashen (4543 meters). We celebrate with a picnic lunch, put our memorial stone, and walk down to Menta Ber at 3700 meters (10-11 hrs).

DAY 9 TREK: Menta Ber - Chenek

Under the foot of Abune Yeared Mountain we cross the long caravan root Areqwazey, return back to Chenek where we summarize our week stay in the Semien Mountains, watching endless scenic views and chase formed mountain tops (10-11 hrs).

DAY 10 DRIVE: Chenek - Gondar

A car will pick us up for our drive to Gondar. On the way, there will be a stop for coffee and we visit local resident houses to give us an experience of the social and cultural values of Ethiopia.

DAY 11 DEPARTURE DAY: Gondar - Addis Ababa - Home

Departure day, we fly from Gondar to Addis Ababa where your international flight awaits you and will take you safely back home!

All our tours can be customized. Add a day? Save a day? No problem!

Trekking in Bale Mountains National Park


One of the options from smooth trekking to extreme adventure through vast afro-montane landscape. This can be arranged depending the available days of stay and it can be extended up to twenty days.


Great scenic values, area of largest afro-alpine habitat on the continent, center of endemicity wild flora and fauna (Ethiopian Wolf, Mountain Nyala, biggest global population of Giant Molerat and rich birdlife), and socio-cultural activities of the area.


Surface only, will a give chance of visiting long stretched areas.


October - May

Our most offered route.

DAY 1 ARRIVAL DAY: Addis Ababa

You will be greeted at Bole International Airport and check-in to your hotel. After a brief rest we go on Addis Ababa city tour; a city enjoying excellent climate all year round. We will visit museums, markets and church paintings.

DAY 2 DRIVE: Addis Ababa - Langano

We drive through the Great Rift Valley to Langano, and travel past all major lakes that dot the Rift Valley.

DAY 3 DRIVE: Langano - Dinsho

Drive to Dinsho, head quarter of Bale Mountains National Park; An ideal place to spot wildlife.

DAY 4 TREK: Dinsho - Habera

We start our trek to Habera enjoying the livelihood of local people while walking through the afro-alpine vegetation (4-5 hrs).

DAY 5 TREK: Habera - Keyrensa

Our trek today is on the lower and upper web valley to Keyrensa (6-7 hrs).

DAY 6 TREK: Keyrensa - Rafu

We walk to Rafu, endowed with magnificent landscape of massive volcanic rock pinnacles.

DAY 7 TREK: Rafu - Gebre Guracha

Crossing Mount Batu and Tuludimtu, we trek for about six hours to Gebre Guracha, which is situated by the alpine lake. Today is the day to spot birds and the endemic Ethiopian Wolf!

DAY 8 TREK: Gebre Guracha - Wergona

Through a breathtaking landscape, we walk to Wergona past Wassema Mountain and the mineral springs at Hora (5-6 hours).

DAY 9 TREK: Wergona - Dinsho

We trek back to Dinsho, enjoying the vivid picture of the volcanic activity that shaped the incredible landscape of Batu Tiko Mountain (5-6 hours).

DAY 10 DRIVE: Dinsho - Awassa

Today is 4WD-day; We depart from Dinsho to Awassa.

DAY 11 DEPARTURE DAY: Awasssa - Addis Ababa - Home

Departure day, we drive to Addis Ababa where your international flight awaits you and will take you safely back home!

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes."
- Marcel Proust